West Riding Stonecarving Association


Membership is open to all with an interest in stone carving and who are willing to support the aims of the Association. Membership fees for the current year are £20 per month, payable by standing order. Prospective members are invited to attend one of our free 'taster' session. This is followed by an 8 week Foundation Course at a cost of £15 per session. Students will learn the basic techniques of relief carving and lettering, enabling those who wish to progress to full membership thereafter.

Membership provides a range of benefits with access to all facilities at the centre. Basic tools are available to newcomers but it is expected that members will acquire their own equipment over a period of time. Stone is not included in the membership fees but the Association is able to obtain substantial discounts through bulk orders direct to the quarries.


Our aim is to not only introduce newcomers to the craft but to help further our existing Members skills.


Taster Session: For novices who would like to try their hand. 3 Hours Guided Learning. FREE

If students find they wish to further their interest move on to:

Foundation Course: Students follow a structured introductory program over 8 lessons that covers basic relief carving, lettering and molding. Costs £15 per 3 hour session. Payments should be made directly to the tutor and individual lessons can usually be arranged to start soon at a mutually agreeable time during our opening hours, which are Tues 5-9pm, Wed 10-4pm, Thur 5-9pm and Sat 12-4pm. Students are expected to complete the full course before being allowed to work independently as Members. Email to arrange starting the Foundation Course.


Varying Courses are run from time to time. Tuition is FREE to Members but subject to material costs (stone used etc). Some examples of Courses run:-

Lettering. 10 x 3 hours guided learning

Flat Surfaces. 4 x 3 hours

Making a Maquette. 4 x 3 hours

Gilding. 3 hours

Other courses may be run dependant on demand.


The Association strives to provide a rich and informative series of events aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of its members. Each year the Association meets and decides on its events it wishes to arrange and attend. Using its links into the local and wider community it then plans its year. Activities generally split into four main groups namely attendance at local shows/carving events, trips to quarries/historic sites and lectures by stone carvers. In this way knowledge of members is broadened on a wide base. The newly aquired skills can then be practised during the weekly sessions held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.